Performance Mods

Retaliator Sealed Breech!

User Rating:  / 10

A sealed breech mod allows you to use a tighter barrel and changes your blasters operation from open bolt to closed bolt. Only blasters with a direct plunger have enough air volume to utilize a closed bolt system.

With streamlines this is more for the cool factor but, this mod can be adapted to be used with stefans for maximum performance.

Hailfire Performance Mod

User Rating:  / 7
Summary This is a simple voltage mod for the hailfire which will result in ranges of 70' to 80' on a flat trajectory.  80' shots are rare, most fall around 75 (using elite streamlines).  It is a significant improvement over stock ranges.

Bolt-action Retaliator Mod

User Rating:  / 18

The retaliator is uncomfortable to prime. Period. The upgrade spring only makes things worse. Also, attaching any tactical rail acessory makes it impossible to prime. This mod converts your Retaliator to the awesome bolt-action styled priming of the Longshot/Strike, while retaining the structural integrity and performance of the Retaliator. This enables quicker and more comfortable priming, and allows you to add tacticool nerf acessories on the rail.

Buzz Bee Double Panther Modification

User Rating:  / 3

This here is two Buzz Bee Panthers sawed off at the handle and fused together. The other modifications such as the barrel replacement and plugged pump is credit to makeitgo.