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How to Cleanly Repaint a NERF Blaster

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This write up will show you how to effectively and cleanly repaint a NERF blaster. This write up is a combination of techniques of 2 modders, Drac and Don Harris, a Malaysian Nerfer. Just a warning, this is a very lengthy and detailed aesthetic mod.  
Blaster: Nerf Maverick/Spectre
Estimated Completion Time: 24+ hrs
Tools Required: Spray paint (I personally use Krylon fusion for plastics, it sticks well) A base coat color (usually black or white) A Main body color A secondary color A clear coat (This is not a fusion for plastics because it is not offered in that formula) Blue painter’s tape 60 Grit sand paper (if you wish to remove all the NERF logos from the blaster Screwdriver ( to take your blaster apart) Wash cloth, soap, and water Large Cardboard sheets and large containers


First of all, Re-painting a NERF blaster is time consuming and rewarding, but requires a ton of patience, if you do any of these steps too quickly or with the wrong techniques, your blaster will not come out cleanly. So let’s get started.




Step 1:


To start you need a blaster to work with. I recommend the Maverick as a beginning

blaster. It is simple in function and not too big either.This tutorial will swap

between a Spectre and Maverick, but the final product will be a maverick






After you have acquired a blaster, you need to take it apart to cleanly paint the blaster. Everything should be removed so paint doesn’t get on any of the parts. Spray paint is very sticky and it could hinder your internals from working correctly after painting.






Set aside all your internals and screws in a bowl for safe keeping like so










Next, if you would like to get rid of your NERF logos, take a small piece of 60 grit sandpaper (no more than a 3x3 inch square) and start sanding down the logo. The sandpaper is so coarse that it shouldn’t take long for the logo to be completely sanded. You will know when you are done when the parts look like this on the slide or on the body where the N strike logo is, like so.










After you have finished sanding what you want to do next is wash off all the pieces of oils from your hands, sanding fragments or other foreign objects that will prevent the paint from sticking.  You need to use hot water, as hot as you can stand along with a wash rag and some soap. 






When you are finished washing, DO NOT DRY WITH A PAPER TOWEL OR TOWEL. These pieces need to air dry and the surfaces should never be touched again until you have finished painting. These parts need to air dry over night, or at least 8 hours.






Next, it is time to actually paint. You need to start by double checking the temperature outside. If the temp. is above 90 degrees or below 65 degrees, your paint is in danger of not sticking. The ideal temp for painting is in between the two extremes.






Start the painting by laying out a painting tarp or large pieces of cardboard to set your pieces on to paint. At the same time, separate your pieces into the colors you want to paint them. Large pieces such as the body should be given a base coat, however smaller pieces such as the barrel release button, you may not need it, I recommend giving a white black or grey base coat  for every piece to be painted. The darker the piece, the lighter the color of the basecoat and vice versa.




Step:9 and Notes about Spray paint and Krylon fusion:


To efficiently and cleanly spray paint, you need to first vigorously shake your spray can for 1 minute. Once you have done that you should constantly hold the can 8 to 12 inches away from the pieces to be painted. PAINT IN LIGHT COATS. This is essential to getting a clean and chipless paint job. Do as many light coats as you need until you are satisfied.




Krylon fusion takes about 15 minutes to dry to touch. This is how long you should wait between coats. A base coat only needs 1 or 2 coats.




Step: 10


After you finish your basecoat, you need to start with your secondary color, if you are including both your primary and secondary color in your blaster repaint design.






Apply the secondary coat as you did the base coat, however this may take a few more coats for satisfaction. Again, remember to maintain 8 to 12 inches and always apply in light coats. This includes your smaller pieces that you want painted that color






After you have successfully applied the secondary paint to your liking, you must wait 24 hours and tape off the areas you wish to keep your secondary color using blue painters tape, I recommend at least 2 layers of this tape to make sure spray paint doesn’t seep through the tape.






Once the tape is applied, you can finally apply the Primary color. Use the same technique as stated in Step 9, and continue with light coats until you are satisfied. This includes your smaller pieces you want painted this color






After you have finished that coat, wait 1 hour and you can remove your tape but be careful that the tape adhesive doesn’t take off your secondary paint color. Though with blue painter’s tape, it shouldn’t do that.




Step: 15


After you have removed your tape, you can apply your clear coat to all your pieces, again following the techniques mentioned in Step 9. This is will further prevent your paintjob from chipping after fully curing. This is optional but highly recommended.






After applying your clear coat, let all the pieces cure for 1 full week for optimal look and chip resistance.






After one week, you can put your blaster back together and you are essentially done.




Bonus step:


If you wish to detail your blaster, use fine paint brushes and testors enamel paint for durability and a clean look clean look.


Below is a youtube video of one of my custom mavericks I painted using this



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