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Buzz Bee Double Panther Modification

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This here is two Buzz Bee Panthers sawed off at the handle and fused together. The other modifications such as the barrel replacement and plugged pump is credit to makeitgo.

Blaster: Buz Bee Panther
Estimated Completion Time: 30-60 mins
Tools Required: Hack Saw or Dremel, a sort of very strong adhesive (such as Epoxy Quick Steel), hot glue

1. Open the blaster.

2. Remove the internals (save them for later).

3. Cut the handle right below the trigger.

4. Now, align the two blasters where the handles are touching at the cuts, or very close to it. 

5. Apply the adhesive (I used Quick Steel Epoxy). Get the outer shell covered first. Then reinforce inside of the shell.

(rest of these is credited to makeitgo)

6. Cut the barrel just at the lip where the smaller barrel reaches the bigger.

7. Remove the disc from inside the bigger barrel.

8. Plug the oprv (I used hotglue).

9. Cut barrels to about 8 or 9 inches.

10. Take a 34/in to 1/2in pvc bushing and put it on the blasters barrel. Take a cpvp 1/2 coupler and put your 1/2in cpvc barrel in that and place in the bushing (the 3/4in pvc side should be facing outwards).

11. Paint the blster if desired.

12. Put internals back in, close the blaster up, and you are finished.


#1 Pump both at onceERIC LUM KIAN WEE 2013-12-04 11:19
You could remove the pump hundle and replacing with a pipe/ hundle that could connect both pump handle, this way you could pump both at once and fire

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