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Bolt-action Retaliator Mod

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The retaliator is uncomfortable to prime. Period. The upgrade spring only makes things worse. Also, attaching any tactical rail acessory makes it impossible to prime. This mod converts your Retaliator to the awesome bolt-action styled priming of the Longshot/Strike, while retaining the structural integrity and performance of the Retaliator. This enables quicker and more comfortable priming, and allows you to add tacticool nerf acessories on the rail.

Blaster: Retaliator
Estimated Completion Time: 00-30 mins
Tools Required: Retaliator, Bolt piece from Longstrike/ Longshot, 2 small round-head screws, File/sandpaper, Electric Screwdriver/Drill/Dremel, Strong 2-part Epoxy

Here are the screws I used, the screw head has to be lower than the grove. (Shown in picture)
314125 4063423036829 58696263 nStep 1:
File down the warnings on the left side of the Retaliator slide. (If you are doing this on the right side, this step is not required). The aim to remove the unevenness in the surface caused by the words. End result should look something like this:
377344 4063412716571 333982096 n

Step 2:
File down the back of the bolt piece. There is a raised nub in the middle I am using the piece that normally has the metal rod glued in (Metal rod was removed), you can choose to use the other side that snaps on and off, and you should have similar results.  :) You want the back of the bolt to be completely flat, like the one below.
419371 4063408196458 2135962526 n

Step 3:
Drill according to these locations. No exact measurements, just need to eyeball it. The aim is to allow the screw head to sit flush with the groves, so don't drill too close to the gaps!  ;)
419371 4063407396438 573298561 n

Step 4:
Time to mark out some parts!  Use blue tack to hold on the bolt (picture below), use a marker and poke from the back to mark out on the bolt (See marker in picture above).
527051 4063407836449 640548200 n

Step 5:
With the marked spots on your bolt, drill holes into the marked spots too. (Sorry, forgot to take a picture, but should be pretty self-explanatory).  :(

Step 6:
Glue! Mix up your 2 part epoxy, and apply a good amount onto the back of your bolt.
419371 4063407396438 573298561 n

Step 7:
Screw it together!  Align the screw holes you made on the bolt and slide, and screw them together!
551772 4063406476415 438036625 n
Step 8:
Leave it to dry. I used an F-clamp to apply constant pressure so the epoxy sets better.  :D Guess you'll have to wait 3 days for the 534184 4063406076405 112929851 nepoxy to completely set.

Done! Just wait for your epoxy to set, screw it back and you're done!  :D Yes, this can support the weight of up to an 8kg spring. (possibly more, have not tried)  :)

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