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Hailfire Performance Mod

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Summary This is a simple voltage mod for the hailfire which will result in ranges of 70' to 80' on a flat trajectory.  80' shots are rare, most fall around 75 (using elite streamlines).  It is a significant improvement over stock ranges.
Blaster: Hailfire
Estimated Completion Time: 00-30 mins
Tools Required: Screw driver, Credit card

Some info about trustfire batteries:

Trustfires are lithium ion batteries.  You cannot use them in your normal electronics.  the increased voltage will break your gameboy/TV remote/etc.  However since the circut in the hailfire is so simple, increased voltage will just cause they motors to spin faster giving you increased dart velocity and range.  They also need a special charger, which I will talk about later.


Using 4 trustfire batteries gives you a total voltage of 14.8V as opposed to 6V stock.   I have had no problems with my gun being damaged by increased voltage.  

However some people may not be comfortable using voltages this high above what was intended.  For those, I recommend you take a standard AA battery, cover the ends with a strip of electrical tape and wrap them in aluminum foil.  This will allow the battery to act as a simple conductor, or a blank.  You can mix blanks with the trustfires, but DO NOT MIX BOTH TRUSTFIRES AND REGULAR AA BATTERIES.  Using blanks, you can run your gun at 7.4V (2 trustfire, 2 blanks) or 12.1V (3 trustfire, 1 blank) instead of 6V volts (stock, 4 standard 1.5V AA batteries) or 14.8V (4 trustfire batteries). 

For those of you like me who want to use 4 trustfires, don't hold your trigger down for extended periods of time.  I have had the motor stop running after ~15 minutes of prolonged use.  This is due to a resistor specifically designed to shut off the motor if the gun starts to get too hot.  Don't worry, it will start working again in a few minutes, but it may be a good idea to run 3 trustfires and a blank.  Will update with results.  


Mod Guide:

Step 1:


Step 2:

  • Wait patiently for items to arrive
  • Charge batteries
  • Install batteries in hailfire
    • Replace the AA batteries you are using with the trustfire 14500s


Step 3:

  • Own face



  • Load up your hailfire with 4 raider drums to own more face

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